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Have you noticed how restaurants are now so much more skilled and willing to cook tasty vegan fayre? but when it comes to dessert there’s still a lot of fruit salad around…

Don’t get me wrong, I really like fruit salad but when I go out for a meal I want to be wowed by my dessert. A couple of weeks ago I was taking part in the #veganrecipehour on Twitter and we were chatting about the best vegan dessert we’d ever had in a restaurant. This is IT for me – Demuths’ Chocolate Fudge Cake!
Choc cakeWell, at least my re-creation of it!

This cake is deeeeeelicious. My gratitude goes to the wonderful Rachel Demuth who picked up on our conversation and generously shared the link to the recipe here. You can either serve this Chocolate Fudge Cake cold as an iced cake or hot, in a pool of warm, lip-smackingly good chocolate sauce.
When we went to Demuths Restaurant in Bath for the first time I would have been vegan for a year or two. The memory of being served something so outstandingly delectable has stayed with me to this day.
In fact, when we visited one year with a very tiny baby Sam he wouldn’t settle at all during our meal and we had to miss out on dessert. I assure you that we went back the very next morning to have our cake then… definitely worth it!

Chocolate Cake

When I tried out the recipe, we certainly had our cake and ate it too… I got a bit distracted when making the first cake and accidentally forgot to add oil. With all that swirly icing it was still quite successful. But here is the real thing:
Chocolate Fudge Cake Demuths
Simply delicious with a scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream… and good enough to share at Fiesta Friday and VVLP.


It’s not been ALL about food in our house this summer, but somehow ‘foodie things’ have even managed to sneak into our artwork.
Sam Sunset
Sam’s sunset with lentils, turmeric and paprika
Alex Sunset
And here is Alex’s version… Isn’t it great how they have created entirely different pictures with the same ‘ingredients’? A lot like cooking really 🙂


Finally, as we’re getting ready for a few days of camping by the Welsh seaside (a proper break from work, blogging and social media!)…
These ‘Rock Cakes’ are great to bake with young children. They may not make it in my food photography portfolio because of their good looks! But with a little added cinnamon and ground cardamom they are the perfect treat for a beach holiday.Rock cakes

So pleased that I still kept some of the candied lemon peel and kumquat peel (!) my mum had made and sent over to me from Germany. I’ve been saving this for a special occasion as the flavours are really wonderful.
Dried fruit

What’s been the best dessert (vegan or not) you’ve ever eaten in a restaurant? Go on, make me envious 😉 I look forward to catching up again after my break.
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