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Nights are drawing in… Who said that?!? I’m determined to squeeze out every single sunny hour of this year and nothing screams out summer more loudly then ice lollies!

Ice lollies

Earlier in the year I was experimenting with lots of different flavours of ice lollies for my Vegetarian Living column. They always look so pretty and colourful as well. I’ve had a lot of fun making (and eating!) them with my two boys this year and I’m certainly not ready to pack those lolly moulds away just yet!

Chava_VL August 2014


Peach and Strawberry Ice Lollies

Here’s one of my favourites: These two-tone lollies are such a great way to cool down and the combination of peach, strawberry and creamy vanilla yoghurt is just a match made in heaven.
Makes 4

Ice Lollies2
Could you resist these super-cute snowmen faces? Luckily my sister couldn’t and bought them for her nephews.

You’ll need:
125g tinned peach (drained)
100g strawberries
zest of ½ orange
75g dairy-free vanilla yoghurt (e.g Alpro)
icing sugar

Use a handblender to whizz the peach pieces until smooth. Divide between four lolly moulds. Now blend the strawberries with the orange zest and yoghurt. Sweeten to taste with a little icing sugar and pour into the moulds. Pop these into the freezer until they’re solid. Enjoy! Get those sunglasses and big hats out while you can 🙂
Can’t wait to share these at Fiesta Friday and the VVLP this week.

Do you remember these fabulous Zebra lollies? Recipe here:
Zebra Ice LR
The joy of being a food photographer! I’ve currently got 4 (or is it 5??) different lolly moulds. Thank goodness for my walk-in prop cupboard where I can hide all my crockery and fabrics 🙂

Have you ever tried making your own lollies? What’s your favourite flavour?

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