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Every year, parents around the country prepare for the back-to-school shoe-shopping mission to Clarks! After all, they make good quality shoes and they’re fitted by expert staff… it’s a winning formula. But, even in 2016, there still isn’t a single leather-free option for kids’ school shoes in Clarks.


Maybe it’s because we have put up with it so far. The company says it doesn’t believe that there is ‘widespread interest in these products’. Well, let’s tell them that they’re wrong!

Today thousands of parents have to choose yet again between animal-sourced leather shoes or those cheap alternatives elsewhere (that won’t last and will give their kids sweaty feet).

I am vegan and my children have been vegan all their lives… but their shoes are not! And I’ve got many friends who have to make this ‘unhappy compromise’ every single year!  We know we are not alone.

Please sign and share this petition to show Clarks (and their competitors) that there is a market of keen and willing consumers out there. Let’s work together to get a good pair of animal-free shoes into the shops by next summer!

The petition is already gathering support! Please click here http://bit.ly/VeganKidShoes

Thank you!
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