Birds and Bunnies – Vegan Easter


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This year’s selection of vegan Easter treats is bigger and better than ever before. With Easter just round the corner it’s time I shared a selection of my favourite chocolates…

The other day I walked into Holland and Barrett and couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted the vast shelf of dairy-free treats. While they still have their Buy 1, Get 1 Half Price it’s well worth a look in your local store. But I also want to share with you some of the other unusual and exciting new treats on the market. Get ready for some chocolate induced happiness.

51ilKEvBSoL._AA160_  71VNbrIrBpL._SL1200_ 51JKSq0YeTL._AA160_
The Choices caramel egg includes some scrumptious caramel chocolates. Irresistibly cute bunnies are widely available too – we even spotted them in Tesco!
Choices also make a lovely, smaller-sized egg in white and ‘milk’ chocolate with a little bag of chocolate buttons. I don’t usually give my kids 150-200g of chocolate and say: ‘Here you go, enjoy!’. To me this child-friendly size somehow feels more consistent with the message I give them the rest of the year. I know, mean mummy! 😉
(left to right: £6.49, £1.25 and £2.79 Holland and Barrett)

moo-free-bunnycomb-easter-egg-web-large-500x500-204x204 moo-free-orange-easter-egg-web-large-500x500-204x204
Moo free Easter Eggs in ‘Milk’, Orange and Bunnycomb flavour (£4.99 Holland and Barratt)

500_500_csupload_66607907 plamil_half_eggs-600x600
Plamil are offering dairy free eggs (including a sugar free version) as well as a nice big bag of very pretty half eggs. Wouldn’t they look fab as part of an Easter afternoon tea? (£3.69 and 4.95 from Plamil)

If you are looking for a bargain, Holland and Barrett have already reduced their vegan egg to £3.50 and they are included in their special BOGOHP offer.

choceureaster-14-m-and-s-140000000187381_L0000000187411_LSurprise supermarket finds (left to right): Aldi dark choc bunny (£0.99 for 120g!), Marks and Spencers (£6), Sainsburys (£3.49 and £2.49)

Oh my goodness! Booja Booja Almond and Sea Salt Caramel Egg. Small eggs include three gorgeous truffles (I know, that’s never enough!), large eggs are filled with 12 chocolates. (H&B £9.99, Ocado £24.99)

vantastic-dark-chocolate-nougat-easter-eggs-vegan-viva vantastic-dark-chocolate-strawberry-filled-easter-eggs-vegan-viva21449-204x204
Vegan Nougat, Strawberry or Cappuccino Eggs come from the Vegan Bakery in Germany. You can order them from the Viva! shop or Vegantown (from £4.00)

Pretty half egg filled with peanut butter eggs. (£6.95 Viva!)

My favourite vegan offering this year, so beautiful and lovingly made. The egg includes edible decoration made with raspberry, blueberry and pistachio. Mr Bunny has a secret superfood filling and is flavoured with cardamom, anise, cinnamon and chilli. Wow!
(Both £6.50 Viva!)

300425_Easter 2015_Scrambled Egg_Milkless Milk_v2
There’s no way that this could possibly be vegan, right? Well, I did read the ingredients on Hotel Chocolat’s website and it really is luxury dairy-free indulgence! (£15 Hotel Chocolat)

111556_Easter 2015_City Bunny Box_Milk Free Milk 111556_Easter 2015_City Bunny Box_Milk Free Milk-1
Awww, look at these little faces! My lovely friend Jane let me and the boys try some of hers (that’s real friendship!). Hotel Chocolat advertise this range as ‘Milk-Free Milk’ and use almond powder instead of dairy milk powder. Personally, I think the chocolate tastes like a very nice dark chocolate. So if you prefer something a bit ‘milkier’ I would opt for Moo free or similar instead. (£5.50)

356662_Gifting 2014_25-Dark-Collection
A square Easter Egg instead? Pure indulgence and perfectly cruelty-free.
(£25 Hotel Chocolat)

If you could pick anything from this list what would you choose?
Or did you spot something irresistible that everybody just has to see?
Hope you have a very happy Easter!

Lots of love,


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Vegan Cake fit for a royal visit…


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A new veggie and vegan cafe is opening its doors in Royal Leamington Spa.

When you live in London or Glasgow or one of the other ‘vegan heavens’ around the UK you could get a bit blasé about finding delicious chocolate cake or sweet potato falafel…
Well, when you find vegan food in Warwickshire that’s as good as The Garden Shed Cafe’s Jaffa Cakes (YES, seriously!!) you would want to see newspaper headlines and street parties too!

Chocolate Cake

On Saturday the Garden Shed Cafe opened its doors for the first time for a celebration party before the official launch on Monday (9th February). The little cafe was buzzing with chatter, laughter and some very appreciative noshing.
StephanieGarden Shed CafeStephanie, the owner, with some of her delicious chocolate cakes on offer. The quick snap of the cakes above turned out rather lovely too.

Guests Buzzing

The menu includes all day vegan breakfast options (including home made baked beans) as well as fresh soup, sandwiches, puff pastry bakes and daily specials… and of course there’s cake! Did I mention the vegan Jaffa Cakes?!

With a wonderful organic health food shop just metres away, this will put Leamington Spa firmly on the vegan map. Queen Victoria thought the spa town was lovely enough to visit twice… So if you ever find yourself in this part of the country do pop in!

Incidentally, David and I used to live a 2 minute walk down the road while I went to college back in 1999. Gaia was the first place where we would stock up on cruelty-free groceries and find treats such as Swedish Glace (anyone remember the pear flavour?). All these years later it’s still run as a co-operative with knowledgeable staff and a great choice of whole foods and organic fruit and veg.

Check out the latest news from the cafe on Twitter and Facebook.

Where’s your favourite vegan cafe or restaurant? I’d love to hear all about your recommendations and make a list of ‘Must Visit’ places.
Lots of love,


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Ethical companies come up trumps!


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Happy Veganuary everybody! A new year starting full of promise and hope as 10 000 people have pledged to go vegan for January.

Last September I met Matthew, Jane and Clea (aka Team Veganuary) at Vegfest London…. sparkling with enthusiasm and full of drive to make Veganuary the best thing since vegan chocolate fudge cake!


The website ( they’ve created is outstanding and I was singing its praises to my friend Zoe on our way to a night-out dancing.
I was over the moon when she told me that she had actually signed up to a month of trying vegan and was busily planning meals and snacks. It’s so much fun sharing my tips and telling her about my favourite vegan treats. And as I’ve had some fabulous products sent to me to review recently I couldn’t wait to share the love…

At Vegfest London I had also bumped into two great guys from Equinox Kombucha and they got in touch and kindly sent me four of their drinks to review.
Kombucha (a fermented green tea drink) is a well-known source of probiotics with lots of vitamins and detoxing properties. When you read a bit more about the Equinox story you’ll get a real sense of their passion, commitment and kindness. Equinox Kombucha choose ethically sourced ingredients, Fair Trade wherever possible, and alway certified organic.
Equinox kombucha
I will admit that I was already a little biased as I love the gorgeous bottle design. Also these drinks don’t scream ‘artificial colours’ with their pretty pastel shades.

raspberryelderflower_large wildberry_large
original_large ginger_large

If you’ve never tried Kombucha before you’ll notice the tangy flavour, a little bit like a slightly tart cider. The Original flavour immediately made me forget my teenage memories of my mum’s attempts to brew her own Kombucha (brrrr!). In fact, I really liked all four varieties.
Ginger is refreshingly fizzy without the full-blown spicy heat that some people don’t like in ginger. Raspberry and Elderflower and Wild Berry add delightful fruit flavours. I’m particularly keen on these two. I love the way the Wild Berry looks like a sparkling rosé wine in a champagne flute. This would make a sophisticated and indulgent alternative to alcohol.
I’ve never been keen to let my boys have sweet fizzy drinks – they’ve tried them on a couple of occasions and luckily didn’t go crazy for them. Sam and Alex were really curious to try Kombucha and I’m going to hand over the mic to my seven year old who gave me his eloquent review:
“I like it more than lemonade because lemonade has hardly a taste and is just sugary. This has more flavour and (is) less sugary. I love it!” Good point, well made 🙂

Vegfest Award EquinoxK
Equinox Kombucha picking up their Best Vegan Drinks award at Vegfest in September.
Pretty cool, huh?


While I’m on the topic of tea please let me point you to the Wise Owl Tea company. Steve Ellis got in touch and kindly sent me some samples. He and Lucy combines their deep passion for travel and love of fragrant herbal tea infusions perfectly. Ingredients are organic and the delightful little tea bags are hand made. Last year the two ‘Wise Owls’ have seen their efforts rewarded in the Great Taste awards with three gold star winners!
winners banner web-400x400

I was very excited to try the Corsican Olive Leaf Tea. Blended with apple and pineapple it looked very elegant in the little pyramid shaped silky bags. It’s become my favourite of the Wise Owl teas.
Tahitian Night is a full blend of flavours with Liquorice Root, Chamomile flower, Lavender flower, Lime flower and Valerian Root. The liquorice adds sweetness, while chamomile, lavender and valerian root make this a great drink to aid deep, refreshing sleep.

The packaging is so beautiful that I couldn’t bring myself to recycle these pretty containers. They make lovely storage jars for all sorts of bits and pieces.


And finally, I was lucky enough to sample some exciting vegan chocolate from Ethicoco. (I know it’s a tough job…)
Ethicoco is a new vegan chocolate business that is handcrafting a variety of bean-to-bar chocolates.Ethicoco_2014-11-05_Ethicoco-782_print

I got to try the Ecuadorian With Oat Milk and a 72% Peruvian Dark. Here’s another company that really celebrates ethical values and care of our planet. All the ingredients are organic, with beans certified by the Rain Forest Alliance, FairTrade, or sourced via direct trade.
Given the choice, I would usually go for a vegan ‘milk chocolate’ first so when I tried this one I really enjoyed it. But it was the 72% dark variety that surprised me the most. There was none of the ‘bitterness’ that I was expecting and the longer the chocolate melted in my mouth the more the flavours developed. Absolutely gorgeous and a huge success with all the family. I’m really looking forward to trying the other two flavours soon.

Have you discovered some exciting new products during Veganuary? And have you got any Top Tips for staying plant-based this month? It’s always great to hear from you…

Lots of love,


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Beetroot Salad with Ginger and Orange

For my first Virtual Vegan Potluck I can’t wait to share a fun and fabulous recipe with you. perfect for the winter season!

‘Oh please, let me have some salad!’ may not be the first words you’d utter in the festive run up to Christmas. There’s chocolates and mince pies, home-made biscuits, party snacks and celebration lunches that need our full attention. And still, particularly during the season of sniffles and colds we all need food that re-vitalises us for the party season ahead.

Root Salad
This stunning beetroot salad is bursting with vibrant colours and flavours… a delight for your eyes and tastebuds as well as a welcome boost for your immune system.

I took the photo for the Didsbury Dinners Cookbook. The picture below just goes to show that food photographers don’t always get things right first time. I remember the shoot and trying out three different sets before I was happy. With the food processor in use, blood-coloured splatters on tiled walls and plates covered in beetroot juice all over the kitchen there was a distinct sense of drama unfurling. Luckily, it all turned out alright in the end! 🙂

Beetroot salad2


Root Vegetable Salad with ginger and orange

Serves 2-3 as a side salad

2 medium sized beetroots
2 medium sized carrots
celeriac (half the amount of the beetroots)
1 tbsp pumpkin seeds
small knob of fresh ginger
1 orange (plus extra segments for serving)
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp cider vinegar
1 tbsp chopped parsley

Peel and grate the beetroot, carrot and celeriac and place in a bowl.
Toast the pumpkin seeds in a dry pan until they ‘pop’, then add them to the root veg together with the parsley.
Peel and finely chop the ginger and stir into the salad. Add the juice and zest of the orange, taking care not to include any pith as this will add a bitter taste.
Mix together the oil and vinegar and pour over the salad.
Arrange on a plate with some orange segments.

Original recipe from Unicorn grocery store for Didsbury Dinners.
This post is part of the Virtual Vegan Potluck – an online party for vegan food lovers! Follow the links for more delicious plant-based food.

If you are inspired to check out Didsbury Dinners – a fabulous vegan cookbook – you can find out lots more and get a mouth-watering Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe by clicking here.

Lots of love,

go_forward-300x243 to the next Virtual Vegan Potluck recipe.

go_bck-300x257 to the previous recipe.

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A great time to be vegan…


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In case you’ve been wondering why it’s been a bit quiet on my blog… I’ve been cooking up some feasts and can’t wait to share lovely new images and updates.

I’m delighted to say that the last few weeks and months have been particularly busy with work assignments which is just great news! It clearly shows that the demand for mouth-watering vegan recipes is increasing all the time. And because of this growing exposure, more and more people are inspired to choose cruelty-free, flavourful new food ideas, yeah!! It’s very special to be part of something that’s just getting bigger and bigger.

It does however mean, that because of my family and work commitments my dear blog has been a little bit quieter. ‘Rushed and half-hearted’ just doesn’t sit well with me. From now on I’ve decided to go for monthly posts.  It means that I can still give you great recipes and high-quality images when I share my favourite recipes.  I do have a feeling that the odd little blog post may sneak in between too 🙂
So, with this important announcement out of the way, let me dive into some of the recently published articles/recipes/case studies/website updates…

Christmas feasts have been tickling my taste buds since August!
Check out these wonderful dishes from the Vegetarian Society. By clicking on the photos you’ll get taken straight over to their website. I’m so pleased to say that both dishes are vegan and the flavours are incredible. The Butternut Bells have a filling of walnut, lentils, pine nuts as well as some apricots and smoked paprika – a great recipe from the Vegetarian Society’s cookery school.

LRButternut Bells

The second recipe is a Leek and Hazelnut Tart. It looks stunning with a layer of roasted red peppers (and harissa, oh my goodness… so tasty!). It’s then topped with a mixture of sautéed leeks, vegusto cheese, cranberries and crunchy roasted hazelnut pieces. I love the creativity and depth of flavours in the recipes that have been sent my way from the Vegetarian Society. 10/10 for fantastic vegan cuisine!
LRLeek Tart

If you’re looking for even more celebration food I can’t wait to share the next photos for inspiration. Did I mention that I have joined Viva! again for their Viva!Life magazine recipe pages? Three pages of glorious festive fayre… I’ve even included my very first experiment with ale in a pie.

Here’s what’s in store in the newest edition that has just gone out to their supporters. To find out more about the brilliant work Viva! do and to join them click here.

LR Chicken Salad
For this elegant started I chose to re-create a German classic: Chicken Salad
This recipe includes chicken-style pieces, mandarines and pineapple in a creamy mayonnaise dressing. Some paprika, onion salt and finely chopped spring onions round off the dressing beautifully.

LR Christmas Pie
Adding just a few finely chopped prunes was a very good choice, if I say so myself! It brings out all the richness and mellow sweetness in this Shallot, Mushroom and Chestnut pie.

LR Timbales3
These Nut and Artichoke timbales with smoked vegan cheese are rich, full of festive flavours and will make a perfect centrepiece for a leisurely Sunday lunch too.

LR Gugelhupf
Gugelhupf (or Bundt cake). What a great name and even better – it’s easy to make and tastes amazing! This attractive cake is flavoured with Grand Marnier soaked cranberries, chocolate and orange zest. Are you tempted yet?

DL leaflet


And finally, with so many bright and beautiful images to show off I’ve updated my website in the process. Great to add some testimonials as well! Pop over to to have a look.


So, what’s your latest news? Any favourite new cookbooks I’ve missed or must-try recipes? I feel like I’ve been doing a bit of blogging hibernation and I can’t wait to hear what everybody’s been up to!

Also, have you checked out the new Veganuary site yet? I’d love to hear if you’re as impressed as I am.

Lots of love,

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World Vegan Day 2014


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This very special World Vegan Day Marks the 70th birthday of the vegan society.

Today I’m encouraging you to do two very simple things: listen to Michael Jackson and eat cake!
Have you ever listened to the lyrics of ‘Man in the mirror’ properly…
just have a go!

There’s another version here with some incredibly moving and powerful images.


Wherever you may be in the world I hope you have a wonderful day full of compassion, kindness and delicious party cake. Here’s my virtual selection box – grab a slice and join the fun.

HAPPY 70th ANNIVERSARY, Vegan Society!

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Quick and easy family dinners: Lentil’s king!


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How often do you find yourself getting stuck in a midweek dinner rut? After a long day at work and school dinner has got to be tasty, quick and easy!

Now that the weather is turning autumnal and blustery it’s no wonder that I’m craving comfort food! Today I’d like to share one of our family favourites with you. It’s the kind of recipe that’s so easy to throw together but makes you glow contentedly… it’s healthy, nutritious and still leaves you time to help with homework or finding those missing PE shorts!

Lentil Bolognese

LR Lentil Bolognaise

1 onion, finely chopped
1 red pepper, in small cubes
1-2 tbsp olive oil
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
1 courgette, grated or in small cubes
100g red lentils
400ml water
400g tin of chopped tomatoes
2 tbsp fresh marjoram leaves
a sprig or fresh rosemary
1 tsp milk paprika powder
1/2 vegetable stock cube
salt and freshly ground black pepper
a little marmite or soy sauce

Start off by sautéing the onion and pepper pieces in olive oil until softened. After 5 minutes add the crushed garlic, courgette, lentils, water and chopped tomatoes. Stir well and season with the fresh herbs, paprika and stock cube.
Simmer for 20-25 minutes until the lentils are soft and are starting to fall apart.
Season to taste with salt, black pepper and a little marmite or dark soy sauce for an extra rich flavour.

If you’re feeding a fussy eater you can blend the sauce until smooth before serving it with their favourite pasta shapes. I would recommend peeling the courgette first to avoid the tell-tale green specks in the bolognese!
I’m bringing this scrumptious dinner to the weeks Fiesta Friday. It’s Angie’s birthday and I hope these lovely bright colours will cheer up her day 🙂

LRVL September 2014
Vegetarian Living September 2014

This recipe first appeared in my Vegetarian Living column and I got the sweetest letter in the next month’s issue.

I would like more bias towards easy, interesting everyday meals. The best one in the September issue was the idea of Bolognese sauce – not even set out as a recipe – in Chava Eichner’s column. We happily lived on it, combined with various things, for several days. Wonderful. 

Must admit that I actually blushed when I spotted this… it really means a lot to me! Anyone who writes recipes can tell you that it’s the greatest joy when somebody cooks one of your dishes and loves it. Thank you so much June, you made my day 🙂

And here’s just a little reminder…
Chocolate Hamper
Don’t forget to enter the Halloween competition for all these wonderful Moo Free chocolates. Closing date is midnight on Sunday 26th October.

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Win A Moo Free Chocolate Hamper


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It’s National Chocolate Week – as if we needed an excuse! I’ll be featuring my favourite chocolate recipes from the last year and there’s an exciting competition for a Moo Free Chocolate hamper too.

The last weeks have been an amazing whirlwind of magazine deadlines for Vegetarian Living and Viva!Life, Christmas photo shoots and being the official photographer at Vegfest London. I nearly missed my first blog anniversary this Wednesday 🙂
To celebrate I’ll be tempting you with some mouth-watering chocolate recipes from the last 12 months… Will you be able to resist?
Whether you’ve just stumbled across my blog or have been following from day one – it’s lovely to have you here. I hope you’ll stick around for a while and join the fun. (There’s a subscribe button in the top left corner so you’ll always get the latest posts the moment they appear on here!)

Gold Cherry Cake
Chocolate Cherry Cakes

SONY DSC5-ingredient Chocolate Pots

Choc cake
Rich Chocolate Fudge Cake

Vegan Cookie Pie
Ruby’s Cookie Pie

Vegan Mousse
Viva!’s Chocolate Mousse


Are you tempted yet?!?
To celebrate National Chocolate Week and to link in with my BIG vegan Halloween sweet-round up you can win a delicious selection of Moo Free chocolates. Thank you so much to the lovely Moo Free team!
Team Moo

To enter, simply tell me in the comments section how many different flavours of Mini Moo Bars you can get and what your absolute favourite vegan Halloween treat would be. (Click here to help with your answer 🙂 )
The competition will close at midnight on Sunday 26th October and is open to UK residents only.

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Vegan Halloween treats… no tricks here!


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If you’ve got a vegan Halloween trickster in your house or if you are looking for party bag inspiration, this round-up of the best cruelty-free treats is an absolute must-read!

I promised my lovely Vegetarian Living Magazine readers to search the stores up and down the country to bring you the best selection of vegan goodies – just in time to get organised for spooky Halloween fun!


Those of you who know me through the column or from following my blog, are aware that for me occasional treats can certainly be part of a balanced vegan childhood.  For this post, I’ve chosen a wide selection of different sweets and treats for every taste. I hope you’ll find something that tickles your tastebuds and will bring a smile to your mini vegan. I’ll be sure to prepare our neighbours with some gruesome goodies before Sam and Alex go for their very first Trick or Treat mission.


Jelly Sweets and Tuck Shop treats

I’m a big fan of these cute mini sized treats. Goody Good Stuff have been creating gelatine-free sweets for the last 15 years. We always keep a few bags of these at my boys’ school so they don’t need to miss out when their little friends bring non-veggie birthday sweets to share.UKgroup-3

For more heart-warming and star-winning jelly sweets, check out the Fruit Factory’s range that include fruit flavoured stars and strawberry hearts, amongst many others. Fun website for kids too!

Small Love Heart rolls are very cute and a great size for a Halloween treat.
If you want to buy these online, here’s a link.
Another useful size for mini treats are Pez refills.
Starburst chews are vegan in the UK and available in pretty much any supermarket, petrol station and corner shop. I’m not 100% certain about the US variety as they may be made to a different recipe.

Lollypops and boiled sweets are always a useful Trick or Treat staple. Good value and I’ve yet to hear of a child who doesn’t like lollies. The mini Chupa Chups are great for party bags too and they often bring out a larger ‘Halloween bag’ when it gets nearer to October.

LN_871343_BP_11 img_5
Raspberry and Strawberry Millions are another unexpected vegan find. They are officially approved by the Vegetarian Society but I had to double check that these pretty bubble sweets don’t contain animal products. They come in different pack sizes, including a mini 25g tube. Another success for mini vegans.


The Healthy Treats

No urban myth, there really are some tasty snacks for kids that are packed with goodness and some even provide kids with one of their 5-a-day.
Packaging can make all the difference!

Humzinger Fruit Sticks. 100% fruit and individually wrapped in colourful foil wrappers. I feel slightly mean to admit this now, but we cheekily told our son that these were ‘cake’ for quite a while. Only works with the first child, I’m afraid.

Gingerbread is always a firm favourite with kids and these teeny weeny men are organic, baked with wholemeal flour and sweetened with organic grape juice.
Better hide them from the parents… they’re very moreish.
While mini raisin boxes may not sway an older gremlin or witch at Halloween, many younger kids still love these. Makes a nice change with the added apricot or apple pieces.

Grrrrrrrrr, let’s hear it for the bear! The Bear fruit nibbles are another pure fruit snack that is beautifully packaged. Their Fruit Yo-yos come with fact cards to collect too. My 5 year old thinks they are really cool!

Amended 25.09.14:
Look what arrived in the post today… perfect timing for the Halloween post. The Yu! fruit chews are a great fit for this healthy treat section.
oct2013strawbfruitchew Yu_cherry_pouch
These little sweets are made from 100% fruit and the 24g bags are a really nice snack size. For some reason they have a zip-lock to reseal the pack. I wonder if anyone has that kind of self-restraint because I certainly couldn’t have stopped after just a couple! Strawberry, mango, blueberry and cherry… yes please!


Chocolate Treats

Moo Free. This deliciously creamy chocolate comes in individual bars in four funky flavours: Cheeky Orange, Minty Moo, Original Organic and Bunnycomb Bar. Moo Free also offer some scrumptious organic chocolate drops in 35g bags. Click here for stockists.

For a chocolate treat with a mouth-watering caramel centre you should look no further than these fantastic gold-wrapped treasures. Made by Celtic Chocolates (who are based in Ireland with the fairy-tale address of ‘Summerhill’!) these are available in Sainsburys, health food shops and also online.
As far as we know, they are actually made by Father Christmas’ elves as they appear in Sam and Alex’s stockings every year!
More dairy-free chocolate buttons than you could shake a witch’s finger at!
Humdingers dairy-free chocs and particularly the white buttons are a firm favourite in our house too. They look super cute on miniature chocolate muffins!
083425 51DgGeuTD5L._SY300_


At this point I could happily stop and feel that I’ve found some great inspiration for all the veggie and vegan parents out there but I’m having sooooo much fun 🙂
So…. here’s even more:

Oreos in the UK are vegan – did you know!?! I like these individual packs for party bags or occasional lunchbox surprises. They’d make a great treat for a trainee wizard or zombie too.

Remember tic tac and Vimto bars and Raspberry Ruffles?


Now, at the very end of today’s post I need to add a little disclaimer:
Where refined sugar and occasional E-numbers are involved there’s no fooling ourselves… Obviously, sweets are not health-food! Only because they’re vegan does not mean that they are good for you.
Please double-check the ingredients, just in case a recipe has changed recently. And if you find something really fabulous that I have missed, then please do write a comment to let us all know straight away 🙂

I hope you’ve had as much fun looking as I had when putting this list together. I’d love to know what’s your #1 favourite vegan sweet 🙂

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Christmas in August… whatever next?


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Do you ever feel annoyed to see the Christmas adverts appear in August? As a food photographer, my life is never quite ‘in season’ either… Did I hear anyone say Valentine’s Day or was that Easter?!

LBaublesIt was my birthday yesterday (yeah!! 🙂 ) and we all went out for a nice Sunday lunch. There was no way you could possibly miss the flyers and special seasonal menus… Christmas must be just around the corner!

As a food photographer, that’s my kind of reality too. While I may find the baubles and tinsel in the shops a bit ‘over the top’ during theses late summer weeks, they are so very welcome in front of my camera. It may sound strange to be shooting fabulous Christmas meals in August or even the healthy post-indulgence New Year’s recipes in September. But how lucky is that? I get to eat more than one Christmas dinner!

Blue baublesBaubles
These cute mini baubles were the perfect prop for the Vegetarian Society’s Xmas shoot.

Have you spotted any festive ‘early bird’ specials and Season’s Greetings in your local shops? I wonder if you just ignore the hype or whether you feel motivated to get organised. I’d like to share my festive post at Fiesta Friday this week. Can I ask the fab FF crew how you all keep up with visiting the countless lovely blogs? I really want to read each of your posts properly and write a meaningful comment… How does everybody else do it – you’re such a supportive crowd!

Back to festive cheer… so let’s hear who’s bought the first Christmas present this year? Who will be crowned the best ‘Christmas Elf 2014’?

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