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This year’s selection of vegan Easter treats is bigger and better than ever before. With Easter just round the corner it’s time I shared a selection of my favourite chocolates…

The other day I walked into Holland and Barrett and couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted the vast shelf of dairy-free treats. While they still have their Buy 1, Get 1 Half Price it’s well worth a look in your local store. But I also want to share with you some of the other unusual and exciting new treats on the market. Get ready for some chocolate induced happiness.

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The Choices caramel egg includes some scrumptious caramel chocolates. Irresistibly cute bunnies are widely available too – we even spotted them in Tesco!
Choices also make a lovely, smaller-sized egg in white and ‘milk’ chocolate with a little bag of chocolate buttons. I don’t usually give my kids 150-200g of chocolate and say: ‘Here you go, enjoy!’. To me this child-friendly size somehow feels more consistent with the message I give them the rest of the year. I know, mean mummy! 😉
(left to right: £6.49, £1.25 and £2.79 Holland and Barrett)

moo-free-bunnycomb-easter-egg-web-large-500x500-204x204 moo-free-orange-easter-egg-web-large-500x500-204x204
Moo free Easter Eggs in ‘Milk’, Orange and Bunnycomb flavour (£4.99 Holland and Barratt)

500_500_csupload_66607907 plamil_half_eggs-600x600
Plamil are offering dairy free eggs (including a sugar free version) as well as a nice big bag of very pretty half eggs. Wouldn’t they look fab as part of an Easter afternoon tea? (£3.69 and 4.95 from Plamil)

If you are looking for a bargain, Holland and Barrett have already reduced their vegan egg to £3.50 and they are included in their special BOGOHP offer.

choceureaster-14-m-and-s-140000000187381_L0000000187411_LSurprise supermarket finds (left to right): Aldi dark choc bunny (£0.99 for 120g!), Marks and Spencers (£6), Sainsburys (£3.49 and £2.49)

Oh my goodness! Booja Booja Almond and Sea Salt Caramel Egg. Small eggs include three gorgeous truffles (I know, that’s never enough!), large eggs are filled with 12 chocolates. (H&B £9.99, Ocado £24.99)

vantastic-dark-chocolate-nougat-easter-eggs-vegan-viva vantastic-dark-chocolate-strawberry-filled-easter-eggs-vegan-viva21449-204x204
Vegan Nougat, Strawberry or Cappuccino Eggs come from the Vegan Bakery in Germany. You can order them from the Viva! shop or Vegantown (from £4.00)

Pretty half egg filled with peanut butter eggs. (£6.95 Viva!)

My favourite vegan offering this year, so beautiful and lovingly made. The egg includes edible decoration made with raspberry, blueberry and pistachio. Mr Bunny has a secret superfood filling and is flavoured with cardamom, anise, cinnamon and chilli. Wow!
(Both £6.50 Viva!)

300425_Easter 2015_Scrambled Egg_Milkless Milk_v2
There’s no way that this could possibly be vegan, right? Well, I did read the ingredients on Hotel Chocolat’s website and it really is luxury dairy-free indulgence! (£15 Hotel Chocolat)

111556_Easter 2015_City Bunny Box_Milk Free Milk 111556_Easter 2015_City Bunny Box_Milk Free Milk-1
Awww, look at these little faces! My lovely friend Jane let me and the boys try some of hers (that’s real friendship!). Hotel Chocolat advertise this range as ‘Milk-Free Milk’ and use almond powder instead of dairy milk powder. Personally, I think the chocolate tastes like a very nice dark chocolate. So if you prefer something a bit ‘milkier’ I would opt for Moo free or similar instead. (£5.50)

356662_Gifting 2014_25-Dark-Collection
A square Easter Egg instead? Pure indulgence and perfectly cruelty-free.
(£25 Hotel Chocolat)

If you could pick anything from this list what would you choose?
Or did you spot something irresistible that everybody just has to see?
Hope you have a very happy Easter!

Lots of love,


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