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In case you’ve been wondering why it’s been a bit quiet on my blog… I’ve been cooking up some feasts and can’t wait to share lovely new images and updates.

I’m delighted to say that the last few weeks and months have been particularly busy with work assignments which is just great news! It clearly shows that the demand for mouth-watering vegan recipes is increasing all the time. And because of this growing exposure, more and more people are inspired to choose cruelty-free, flavourful new food ideas, yeah!! It’s very special to be part of something that’s just getting bigger and bigger.

It does however mean, that because of my family and work commitments my dear blog has been a little bit quieter. ‘Rushed and half-hearted’ just doesn’t sit well with me. From now on I’ve decided to go for monthly posts.  It means that I can still give you great recipes and high-quality images when I share my favourite recipes.  I do have a feeling that the odd little blog post may sneak in between too 🙂
So, with this important announcement out of the way, let me dive into some of the recently published articles/recipes/case studies/website updates…

Christmas feasts have been tickling my taste buds since August!
Check out these wonderful dishes from the Vegetarian Society. By clicking on the photos you’ll get taken straight over to their website. I’m so pleased to say that both dishes are vegan and the flavours are incredible. The Butternut Bells have a filling of walnut, lentils, pine nuts as well as some apricots and smoked paprika – a great recipe from the Vegetarian Society’s cookery school.

LRButternut Bells

The second recipe is a Leek and Hazelnut Tart. It looks stunning with a layer of roasted red peppers (and harissa, oh my goodness… so tasty!). It’s then topped with a mixture of sautéed leeks, vegusto cheese, cranberries and crunchy roasted hazelnut pieces. I love the creativity and depth of flavours in the recipes that have been sent my way from the Vegetarian Society. 10/10 for fantastic vegan cuisine!
LRLeek Tart

If you’re looking for even more celebration food I can’t wait to share the next photos for inspiration. Did I mention that I have joined Viva! again for their Viva!Life magazine recipe pages? Three pages of glorious festive fayre… I’ve even included my very first experiment with ale in a pie.

Here’s what’s in store in the newest edition that has just gone out to their supporters. To find out more about the brilliant work Viva! do and to join them click here.

LR Chicken Salad
For this elegant started I chose to re-create a German classic: Chicken Salad
This recipe includes chicken-style pieces, mandarines and pineapple in a creamy mayonnaise dressing. Some paprika, onion salt and finely chopped spring onions round off the dressing beautifully.

LR Christmas Pie
Adding just a few finely chopped prunes was a very good choice, if I say so myself! It brings out all the richness and mellow sweetness in this Shallot, Mushroom and Chestnut pie.

LR Timbales3
These Nut and Artichoke timbales with smoked vegan cheese are rich, full of festive flavours and will make a perfect centrepiece for a leisurely Sunday lunch too.

LR Gugelhupf
Gugelhupf (or Bundt cake). What a great name and even better – it’s easy to make and tastes amazing! This attractive cake is flavoured with Grand Marnier soaked cranberries, chocolate and orange zest. Are you tempted yet?

DL leaflet


And finally, with so many bright and beautiful images to show off I’ve updated my website in the process. Great to add some testimonials as well! Pop over to www.flavourphotos.com to have a look.


So, what’s your latest news? Any favourite new cookbooks I’ve missed or must-try recipes? I feel like I’ve been doing a bit of blogging hibernation and I can’t wait to hear what everybody’s been up to!

Also, have you checked out the new Veganuary site yet? I’d love to hear if you’re as impressed as I am.

Lots of love,

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