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If you’ve got a vegan Halloween trickster in your house or if you are looking for party bag inspiration, this round-up of the best cruelty-free treats is an absolute must-read!

I promised my lovely Vegetarian Living Magazine readers to search the stores up and down the country to bring you the best selection of vegan goodies – just in time to get organised for spooky Halloween fun!


Those of you who know me through the column or from following my blog, are aware that for me occasional treats can certainly be part of a balanced vegan childhood.  For this post, I’ve chosen a wide selection of different sweets and treats for every taste. I hope you’ll find something that tickles your tastebuds and will bring a smile to your mini vegan. I’ll be sure to prepare our neighbours with some gruesome goodies before Sam and Alex go for their very first Trick or Treat mission.


Jelly Sweets and Tuck Shop treats

I’m a big fan of these cute mini sized treats. Goody Good Stuff have been creating gelatine-free sweets for the last 15 years. We always keep a few bags of these at my boys’ school so they don’t need to miss out when their little friends bring non-veggie birthday sweets to share.UKgroup-3

For more heart-warming and star-winning jelly sweets, check out the Fruit Factory’s range that include fruit flavoured stars and strawberry hearts, amongst many others. Fun website for kids too!

Small Love Heart rolls are very cute and a great size for a Halloween treat.
If you want to buy these online, here’s a link.
Another useful size for mini treats are Pez refills.
Starburst chews are vegan in the UK and available in pretty much any supermarket, petrol station and corner shop. I’m not 100% certain about the US variety as they may be made to a different recipe.

Lollypops and boiled sweets are always a useful Trick or Treat staple. Good value and I’ve yet to hear of a child who doesn’t like lollies. The mini Chupa Chups are great for party bags too and they often bring out a larger ‘Halloween bag’ when it gets nearer to October.

LN_871343_BP_11 img_5
Raspberry and Strawberry Millions are another unexpected vegan find. They are officially approved by the Vegetarian Society but I had to double check that these pretty bubble sweets don’t contain animal products. They come in different pack sizes, including a mini 25g tube. Another success for mini vegans.


The Healthy Treats

No urban myth, there really are some tasty snacks for kids that are packed with goodness and some even provide kids with one of their 5-a-day.
Packaging can make all the difference!

Humzinger Fruit Sticks. 100% fruit and individually wrapped in colourful foil wrappers. I feel slightly mean to admit this now, but we cheekily told our son that these were ‘cake’ for quite a while. Only works with the first child, I’m afraid.

Gingerbread is always a firm favourite with kids and these teeny weeny men are organic, baked with wholemeal flour and sweetened with organic grape juice.
Better hide them from the parents… they’re very moreish.
While mini raisin boxes may not sway an older gremlin or witch at Halloween, many younger kids still love these. Makes a nice change with the added apricot or apple pieces.

Grrrrrrrrr, let’s hear it for the bear! The Bear fruit nibbles are another pure fruit snack that is beautifully packaged. Their Fruit Yo-yos come with fact cards to collect too. My 5 year old thinks they are really cool!

Amended 25.09.14:
Look what arrived in the post today… perfect timing for the Halloween post. The Yu! fruit chews are a great fit for this healthy treat section.
oct2013strawbfruitchew Yu_cherry_pouch
These little sweets are made from 100% fruit and the 24g bags are a really nice snack size. For some reason they have a zip-lock to reseal the pack. I wonder if anyone has that kind of self-restraint because I certainly couldn’t have stopped after just a couple! Strawberry, mango, blueberry and cherry… yes please!


Chocolate Treats

Moo Free. This deliciously creamy chocolate comes in individual bars in four funky flavours: Cheeky Orange, Minty Moo, Original Organic and Bunnycomb Bar. Moo Free also offer some scrumptious organic chocolate drops in 35g bags. Click here for stockists.

For a chocolate treat with a mouth-watering caramel centre you should look no further than these fantastic gold-wrapped treasures. Made by Celtic Chocolates (who are based in Ireland with the fairy-tale address of ‘Summerhill’!) these are available in Sainsburys, health food shops and also online.
As far as we know, they are actually made by Father Christmas’ elves as they appear in Sam and Alex’s stockings every year!
More dairy-free chocolate buttons than you could shake a witch’s finger at!
Humdingers dairy-free chocs and particularly the white buttons are a firm favourite in our house too. They look super cute on miniature chocolate muffins!
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At this point I could happily stop and feel that I’ve found some great inspiration for all the veggie and vegan parents out there but I’m having sooooo much fun 🙂
So…. here’s even more:

Oreos in the UK are vegan – did you know!?! I like these individual packs for party bags or occasional lunchbox surprises. They’d make a great treat for a trainee wizard or zombie too.

Remember tic tac and Vimto bars and Raspberry Ruffles?


Now, at the very end of today’s post I need to add a little disclaimer:
Where refined sugar and occasional E-numbers are involved there’s no fooling ourselves… Obviously, sweets are not health-food! Only because they’re vegan does not mean that they are good for you.
Please double-check the ingredients, just in case a recipe has changed recently. And if you find something really fabulous that I have missed, then please do write a comment to let us all know straight away 🙂

I hope you’ve had as much fun looking as I had when putting this list together. I’d love to know what’s your #1 favourite vegan sweet 🙂

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