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Do you ever feel annoyed to see the Christmas adverts appear in August? As a food photographer, my life is never quite ‘in season’ either… Did I hear anyone say Valentine’s Day or was that Easter?!

LBaublesIt was my birthday yesterday (yeah!! 🙂 ) and we all went out for a nice Sunday lunch. There was no way you could possibly miss the flyers and special seasonal menus… Christmas must be just around the corner!

As a food photographer, that’s my kind of reality too. While I may find the baubles and tinsel in the shops a bit ‘over the top’ during theses late summer weeks, they are so very welcome in front of my camera. It may sound strange to be shooting fabulous Christmas meals in August or even the healthy post-indulgence New Year’s recipes in September. But how lucky is that? I get to eat more than one Christmas dinner!

Blue baublesBaubles
These cute mini baubles were the perfect prop for the Vegetarian Society’s Xmas shoot.

Have you spotted any festive ‘early bird’ specials and Season’s Greetings in your local shops? I wonder if you just ignore the hype or whether you feel motivated to get organised. I’d like to share my festive post at Fiesta Friday this week. Can I ask the fab FF crew how you all keep up with visiting the countless lovely blogs? I really want to read each of your posts properly and write a meaningful comment… How does everybody else do it – you’re such a supportive crowd!

Back to festive cheer… so let’s hear who’s bought the first Christmas present this year? Who will be crowned the best ‘Christmas Elf 2014’?

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