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Who says it always rains in England? Over two weeks of blue skies and unbroken, glorious sunshine! What a start to the holidays and what a perfect excuse for a nice, ice-cold drink in the garden…

It’s 6.49am and I’m awake and trying to get a blog post ready for today! My two ‘little helpers’ will be around in a while, so this is going to be short and sweet… and yet decadently delicious!

With the forecast set for another hot day I’d like to share one of my all-time favourite summer drinks with you – iced coffee. Many years ago, my mum showed me what you can do with a little water, instant coffee and a handblender. After a couple of minutes of whizzing the liquid starts to turn into the most creamy-smooth froth. Not in an airy cappuccino sort of way but really thick and velvety. I’ve used decaf coffee as I’ll be sharing mine with two little people.

Iced Coffee

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Iced Coffee for two.

Eiscafe und Kuchen

Coffee and Cake

2 heaped tsp instant coffee
50ml cold water
dairy-free milk
2 big scoops of vegan vanilla ice cream
about 8-10 ice cubes
vegan spray cream (optional)

Pour the cold water and coffee granules into a measuring jug and blend with a handblender for about 2 minutes.
Divide between two tall glasses and add ice cubes and vanilla ice cream. (I’ve used Swedish Glacé Vanilla.)
Top up with your favourite dairy-free milk, e.g. almond milk and some whipped cream if you like.

My boys were really keen to make a cake with me yesterday and our Coffee Walnut Cake complements this chilled drink beautifully!
And I’ve discovered something fun along the way: I’ve always made coffee icing by dissolving the instant coffee in a tiny amount of hot water before adding the sugar and margarine. This time I’ve stirred the coffee straight into the margarine and crushed it a little with the back of my mixing spoon. That way, it leaves a lovely speckled effect. What do you think, isn’t that so pretty?

Coffee Walnut Cake

Blogging with kids on holidays… It’s only taken me 7 hours from starting this post to getting it finished 🙂
I’m looking forward to bringing this iced coffee treat to the VVLP and Fiesta Friday this week.

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