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If the first warming rays of sunshine and the sight of blue skies get you craving a frozen treat, I’ve got just the thing for you!
Home-made ice lollies are incredibly easy to make. Get yourself some lolly moulds and get slushing, mushing, freezing and slurping.

Zebra Ice LR

Who loves ice lollies? No, actually let me re-phrase this… Who doesn’t like ice lollies?
Exactly! My point entirely 🙂

I love ice cream and I will happily admit that it’s me who is passing this passion on to our children. In my family this fondness seems to run particularly strong in the female line!
My grandmother always used to keep a few tubs of ice cream in her freezer and my mum would often come home after work with a parcel of freshly scooped creamy deliciousness from the local ice cream parlour. I assume there are Italian ice cream shops all over Germany and Bavaria with its close proximity to Italy boasts an ‘Eisdiele’ (or more!) in most towns.

Zebra Ice Lollies

Makes 4-6 depending on the size of your moulds

These lollies are the easiest thing to make. All you need is a bit of patience to let them freeze properly and you’re ready for some summer chill-out time. The vanilla pudding has a wonderful texture when frozen. With most juice or even yoghurt based ice desserts you will get crystals forming but the pudding stays nice and smooth. I’m tempted to try this out with my home-made 5-ingredient chocolate pudding too.

3 dessert apples, peeled and cored
a little apple juice
2 heaped tbsp of berries, e.g. strawberries or blueberries
a pinch of cinnamon
2 pots of vegan vanilla dessert (e.g. Alpro’s 125g pots)

Cut the apples into small pieces and simmer with a little bit of apple juice and cinnamon until softened. Add the berries and mix with a hand blender until you have a smooth puree. You can stir in a bit of brown sugar if you prefer the extra sweetness and set aside to cool.
Take your moulds and layer vanilla pudding and stewed apples to get a nice stripy effect. Freeze until completely set! You can either warm up the outside of the moulds with your hands or let some luke warm water run over them to remove the lollies easily. Yum!

Top Tip: If you’re really in a rush you could use organic fruit pots for children (e.g. Hipp or Organix) as the fruit layer. We still use them occasionally for desserts or to top porridge etc.

Lollies Lollies3
Serving suggestion: Eat whilst wearing a big sunhat, sitting on a swinging hammock… ahhhhh, life is good!

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