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Another fantastic event from the organisers of Europe’s largest vegan festivals.

Long overdue! Visiting the Viva! Roadshow in Gloucester has inspired me to pick a few photos from last month’s Vegfest in Brighton to share some of the sights with you.
I am a huge (no, try that again… HUGE!!!) fan of the Vegfest events that take place in Bristol, Brighton and London.
My journey to Brighton was somewhat turbulent but it was definitely worth the trip and every minute of waiting for the recovery van 😉

A day out at Vegfest is like elixir for the weary vegan traveller’s soul… When I arrived at the Bristol venue last year, I felt an incredible sense of ‘coming home’ and belonging! My family and I live in a tiny little community in the Cotswolds and we don’t usually mind being the ‘only vegans in the village’. But just occasionally I wish I could simply sit down to a vegan meal in a cafe without lengthy explanations. Sometimes, it would be amazing not having to explain why I choose not to eat animal products, where I get my protein from or whether I eat fish!
But here I find no judgement, no critics… simply a crowd of caring, open minds.

Just a small selection of images from Bristol 2013.
Blue skies, sunshine, live music and over 140 stalls, caterers and talks.

I’m incredibly lucky to work with organisations, charities and magazines who feel just as passionately about living without cruelty as I do. Because of that and thanks to this blog, Twitter and Facebook, I’ve got a real sense of connecting with ‘my community’. Click here to follow me on twitter and catch my latest Facebook updates… It would just make my day 🙂

How do you link up with like-minded people? I’d love to hear what works for you.

Hope to see many of you at the next Vegfest event!
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