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Do you love chocolate? And how about peanuts? If you are a big hot chocolate fan, prepare yourself for the ultimate taste experience!

Vegan Hot Chocolate 3

This week I’d originally made plans to share my best Nutloaf recipe with you but instead I’ve been very happily creating the food photography for National Vegetarian Week (19th-25th May).ย It’s the second year running that I’ve been involved with this hugely popular campaign and I was over the moon to be asked again. In 2013, the Vegetarian Society reached over 66 million people during the run-up and throughout the week! Totally amazing.
Helping to develop a veggie menu for a local school for NVW.

I really love what I do for a living – you probably have guessed that already!
Cooking and photographing delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes is my passion and I truly believe that gorgeous food images actually make a difference to people’s perceptions of veggie and vegan food. When an organisation like the Vegetarian Society reaches all these millions of people it’s awesome. If only one of them finds a photograph which makes them go ‘mmmhhhh, that looks scrummy!’… that’s a wonderful achievement. I assure you there’ll be lots of mmmhhhs and aaaahhhs this year as the recipes are great and the photographs look good enough to eat (if I say so myself ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

Better get back to my Hot Chocolate though!
I must have been very nice to my boyfriend as he bought me a little present this week.ย It’s clearly new, otherwise I would have spotted this ages ago! So for anyone who loves peanuts and chocolate…. (yep, that’s me jumping up and down excitedly!) there’s something new for you to try.ย This chocolatey peanut butter is a little firmer than ordinary peanut butter but it spreads easily on toast and melts beautifully into this hot chocolate. Poppy (Bunny Kitchen) has a lovely post on her blog that inspired me to try this combination.


A couple of weeks ago I bought some vegan spray cream for aย chocolate mousse. I just love the way the cream looks and have been planning lots of fun dessert pics already. But for today I’ve gone for the big ‘Hot-chocolate-with-lashings-of-whipped-cream’ look!

‘You Must Be Nuts’ Hot Chocolate
For 2

500ml dairy-free milk
1 heaped tbsp cocoa powder
sugar or agave nectar to taste
1 tbsp of Choc-a-Nut
Whipped soya spray cream
ground cinnamon to sprinkle

Mix the cocoa with some of the milk to a paste. Add to the remaining milk in a saucepan and heat. Add the chocolate peanut spread and stir until it has melted. Sweeten to taste.
Pour into two heat-proof coffee glasses and top generously with cream and some ground cinnamon. Time to unplug the phone, switch off the computer and find someone you really love so you can share this. Sit back and enjoy!

Hot Chocolate gone
Yes, this really is vegan!

What do you think? Do cookbooks need pictures? And do you find good food photographs really inspire you to try a recipe? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

For more ‘yes, that really is animal-free’ pictures and temptations visit www.flavourphotos.com