There’s something deeply comforting about opening a jar of home-made chutney, particularly when you can see the plot of garden where the produce has been grown! Dee Knight grows, forages and cooks the most delicious condiments.

This morning I had the pleasure to meet with Dee to photograph her latest produce. Her chutneys, jellies, jams and flavoured oils are the perfect blend of local, seasonal and utterly delicious.

Vegan Cream Cheese Cracker LR

What a pleasure to photograph – the colours were a delight to capture!

Dee loves her garden and her passion for home-grown ingredients shines through –ย chillis, garlic, onions, butternut squash and raspberries are just a small selection of her harvest that she transforms into tasty delicacies. As I visit her Mill House Kitchen on this freezing cold morning, the light streams through the windows and I can see a chicken wandering about the garden, seemingly lost without the visiting pheasant friends that frequent this peaceful spot. Even in the middle of winter, it’s clear to see how much this garden is loved and cared for. Dee has already planned to extend her large vegetable plot – the kids have been promised a new spot for the climbing frame!

Some years ago, it was a glut of vegetables from her garden that prompted Dee to set up a little stall outside her house with an honesty box. Soon enough people where queuing up on a Sunday, waiting for the freshly made chutneys and jams! These days, she can be found at fairs and markets around Warwickshire. With both her kids in school now, she is happily planning, stirring, simmering and preserving. I can see the beautifully labeled jars neatly stacked in her cupboards and Dee is already looking ahead to the afternoon’s task – a new batch of egg-free lemon curd.ย  For more details you can contact Deeย here.

And I will head straight back into my kitchen for some more crackers with dairy-free cream cheese and Plum & Pink Peppercorn Jelly. Dee-licious! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Vegan Cream Cheese LR

Here are some of today’s photographs…
LRPlum Pink Peppercorn
LRChilli Pepper Jelly LRKashmir Chutney LRMango Chutney LRRaspberry Jam

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