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Is Life too busy and hectic for you to get into the festive spirit? Let me share some photos from a recent Photo shoot. I hope they will get you all excited and inspired for celebration food and pretty decorations!

Last week I did a photo shoot with Andrea from Shabby Chick and these pictures are just a little selection from the day. There’ll be recipes to read on her blog very soon.

Winter Salad
Beetroot, carrot and red cabbage salad with parsley and lime dressing. Fresh, zesty flavours and very healthy too!
Home-made humous
Quincemeat slices
Quincemeat Oaty SlicesBlackberry
Blackberry Whiskey – such a great colour!
Blackberry Whisky
Boozy Blackberries on dairy-free Swedish Glace ice creamLipbalm
Home-made lip balm
Feeling a bit more festive already? There’s more to come 🙂

This morning I met my lovely friend Lis for coffee at the Meg Rivers cafe at Lapstone. It’s a gorgeous place for sitting, relaxing and chatting… with lots of beautiful cakes and bakes on display too.

‘Do you happen to have some soya milk?’ (Keeping my fingers crossed)
‘Of course we can do you a Soya Latte. Coming up.’
I LOVE being vegan in 2013!

As I had my camera with me I captured some impressions from the shop. Great suggestion, Lis. I’m sure we’ll do it again soon.
DSC_0820 DSC_0812 DSC_0796 DSC_0789 DSC_0772

Where’s your favourite place that really gets you feeling festive? A special restaurant, a walk in a wintery forest, maybe even a Christmas market? I’d love to hear all about your recommendations.